Emerson Shaw was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She released her debut novel, Acts of Desperation, in January of 2014. It is a fast paced romantic thriller that was inspired by actual events. Read the inspiration behind her story at www.emersonshaw.com.

When she is not writing, she focuses her time on being a good mother and wife. She is excited to be opening this new chapter of her life.


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  1. I currently don’t have a newsletter, but you can feel free to follow my site here and receive notifications of when I post something. I don’t post often so you don’t have to worry about a daily email ;). I will release teasers and sale notices mostly.
    I can’t tell you how great it made me feel to hear you enjoyed my book. Seriously, warmed my heart an extra bit on this cool Sunday morning. I’m on Twitter and Facebook the most, and since I’m relatively small (and still figuring the book world out), I stick to those outlets the most because they get the most traffic.
    I’m currently working to give Liz her voice. I’m about halfway through the next book and unfortunately I hit the dreaded wall and writer’s block. I’m working everyday to try to figure the two men in her story out; they’re a tough lot to figure.
    If you have a moment to leave a review on Amazon, I would be indebted to you. I need your voice to help tell the world about my baby. No pressure, of course, if it isn’t your thing. I appreciate you taking a chance on my book. Feel free to look me up on Facebook if you’re on there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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