Play List With Scenes.

1. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) P!NK- When Sember says good-bye to John.

2. Walk, Foo Fighters- When Sember first gets to Liz’s house.

3. Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke- Liz and Sember go out.

4. Head Like a Hole, Nine Inch Nails- Soccer Practice.

5. Buttons, The Pussycat Dolls- The blouse incident.

6. So What, P!NK- After getting a call from John.

7. Take a Picture, Filter- First kiss

8. Impossible, Anberlin- After the first official date between Jax and Sember

9. Everlong, Foo Fighters- Ok, one of my favorite songs EVER. When Jax takes her to his place.

10. Just Breathe, Pearl Jam- When Jax comes to the rescue at her house.

11. Demons– Imagine Dragons- We find out about Jax’s demons.

12. Fuzzy, Grant Lee Buffalo- When Sember is in her hell.

13. Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol- When Jax’s asks…nope not what you think 😉

14. All I Want, Kodaline- When Jax does what he does. (This is when I hated him a little).

15. My Fault, Imagine Dragons- Jax coming to the realization this he was being an ass and assessing blame.

16. I’d Die Without You, PM Dawn- You can’t have a book called Acts of Desperation without desperate moments. This was Jax’s.

17. Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Maroon Five- Steamy scene toward the end. 🙂

18. Marry You, Bruno Mars- Who gets married? Is it who you think? I bet it isn’t…

Listen here now!  Acts of Desperation

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