New Teaser for my upcoming release in 2015, Straight Flushed

An idea popped in my head a few months ago and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I love strong women characters. I hate to read about bumbling “oopsie daisy” type girls, so I thought I’d create my ultimate badass chick. Her name is Diana Cain and Straight Flushed will be book #1 in The Hot Pursuit Series. Each book will contain mystery, intrigue, romance, and will be written as a stand-alone.


Failure. It’s a bitter word that weighs heavy on my tongue. I failed once a long time ago. Now I work hard and train harder to avoid it. My name is Diana Cain and no one will be a victim with me at their side. I am the best bodyguard money can buy.

Or, so I thought.

When one of my clients is almost murdered, I’m faced with the reality that some things are out of my control. I let my client down and am left reeling.

Until I met him. He begged me to be his protector and renewed my sense of purpose.

But when a series of strange events unfold, I’m left searching for the one holding all the cards.

A little teaser...
A little teaser…




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