A Call For Readers

The struggle is real and the book market is flooded with authors just like me. I’m an “Indy Girl” and basically I’m trying to navigate these waters alone (with the exception of a handful of wonderful authors I have as support and even fewer bloggers). I need readers and recently I’ve come to learn that word-of-mouth is the most beneficial method to finding them.

So my wish is this: if you’ve read either of my books and enjoyed them, please shout it from the rooftops, tell your co-workers, your friends, anyone who would enjoy a good book. It would be a tremendous help and will not go unappreciated. To those of you who have already found me and have reached out to tell me my stories touched you in some way, thank you. You have no idea the immense impact a few short words can have.

While my first book, Acts of Desperation, was based on a true story, Straight Flushed is my first book of “true” fiction. It’s where I introduce the world to two bodyguards–the beautifully strong Diana Cain and the sexy Italian Vance Deluca. Don’t let me forget to mention the savvy businessman, and millionaire boyfriend to Diana, Gabe Montgomery. If a set of hazel eyes and a smoother talker in a suit is what you want, he’s your man.

Romantic suspense is where my heart is, and I don’t think you get a better combination of things than when you put danger and passion together. I weave intricate stories that include plotlines with lots of meat, twists, action, and a good amount of steam. If you just stumbled upon my page then might I be so bold as to recommend my books, you’ll be glad you did.

Without further ado, and the actual reason for this post, I recently designed a new teaser for Straight Flushed (why yes, I write, promote, market, and do graphic design, not to mention I’m also a mother of two boys, aged seven and nine. See what I’m saying? I’m a one woman show and that’s why I need YOU) and I wanted to share it with you. Vance Deluca is charismatic and a bit of a smartass…okay, a lot of a smartass, and I LOVE him!

In this teaser, how do you think the scene ends?

Vance and Diana share a moment, or do they?
Vance and Diana share a moment, or do they?

Post your answers in the comments, and by all means don’t hesitate to read and find out for yourself!

Feel free to find me on Facebook. Twitter @Shawemerson. On Instagram at Shawsome_writes.

Until next time,


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